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$5.00 each

Popup system messages

"Popup System Messages" replaces default Joomla system massages with nice customizable popup.This is every simple and ready you use can change color and other things via selectable dropdowns and colorpickers. Any none technical person can install and play it.

Features :


  • Replace Joomla System Messages into Nice Popup.
  • Auto Center based on screen resolution.
  • Change text color based on message type like error,warning, message.
  • Put some text at the bottom of the popup.
  • Jquery library attachment setting.


Updates in version 3.0 :


  • Multilingual supports automatically.
  • Responsive design.
  • Google font styling.

Parameters Settings :

Installation :

You need to go your administration area. e.g. "".

Login with your admin credentials.  After login go to "Extensions->Extension Manager"


then click on browse button. And select Purchased "" file from your computer. then click on "Upload & Install" button.

After the successful installation. go to "Extensions -> Plugin Manager". for click on status button which is red close box. it must be green right.

Support :

If you have any trouble with Module or suggestion or change request regarding our module you can directly contact us at



Diapo image slider

PS Video/Image Diapo Slider (by PanchSoft) is truly THE all-in-one media management solution for Joomla! and a classic must-have extension for any Joomla! based website. It displays images/videos eye catching slideshows, and the best, it is completely free of costs.

It delivers great flexibility when it comes to media content embedding. Fun videos, product presentations, audio podcasts, you name it!

This amazing slideshow Module is based on Diapo Jquery.

Features :

  • Auto thumbnail images
  • Navigation buttons & pagging
  • Compatible with all browser. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE7/8/9.
  • Unlimited Videos/images
  • Dynamic width/height
  • Description text for each slide
  • Easy to configure parameters
  • Many number of image slideshow and transition effects
  • Play/pause buttons
  • JQuery load option
  • Youtube video player

and many more settings at free of cost.

Free installation and configuration on request

Support :

If you have any trouble with Module or suggetion or change request regarding our module you can directly contact us at info@panchsoft.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Parameters Settings :


PS Instant Contact

PS Instant Contact form module is a simple contact form with Captcha and Simple validation of Jquery.


  • Responsive
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple Instance

It is easy to install and configure.

1) Install from Extension Manager on your joomla site backend

2) Go to module manager. now you can see "PS Instant Contact" named module with status Unpublish.

3) Edit Module. configure recipient email in "" field. and if you have already jquery library exist in your site then select "No" value in "" field. see below image

4) Now you can also adjust layouts of modules ( bootstrap and default ). see below image

then select position, menu assignment and status = published. then Save & Close.

$10.00 each

PS Youtube Vimeo Slider

PS Youtube Vimeo Slider is an great and fully responsive image and video slider, with Youtube and Vimeo video sliding support.
PS Youtube Vimeo Slider have 10 overlay patterns, 28 sliding effects, 32 styling types, 30 jquery easing effects.
PS Youtube Vimeo Slider is working perfectly in all devices (Mobiles, Ipads, Tablets, Desktops).
PS Youtube Vimeo Slider supports only in Joomla 3.x versions.


★ Easy configuration. FOR IMAGE : select image from media manager, FOR VIDEO : copy and paste Youtube or Vimeo video url (you can also customize video image for sliding otherwise it will take dynamic).
★ 10 overlay patterns.
★ 28 sliding effects.
★ 32 styles.
★ 30 jquery easing effects.
★ Unlimited images and videos slides.
★ Have also option ergonomic drag and drop ordering functionality of slides.
★ Have also option to add text or caption on slider.
★ Have also option to manage text transitions.
★ Supports all modern browsers. (Firefox 3.0 and more, Google Chrome, IE8+, Safari and Opera other modern browsers)
★ Perfectly Works in all devices. (Mobiles, Ipads, Tablets, Desktops)

★ Custom Module Class Suffix. so user can add their class easily and target the slider.
★ Option to enable or disable jQuery library.

If you have any trouble/bug with the extension or have any suggestion/questions regarding our module, you can directly email us on

$10.00 each

PS Advance Store Locator Google Map

PS Advance Store Locator Google map Component is allows you to put your Stores, Distributors, Locations listings on Google Map.

PS Advance Store Locator Google map provides you a very short and Simple way to put your wide or small range of locations from your database on a Google Map.

You can display multiple locations on a single page with google map cluster functionality.

PS Advance Store Locator Google map Component has configuration options in Backend to customize your Google Map in your Way.



It allows to put unlimited locations from your database on a Google Map.

Support different Google Map style types.

Ability to customize Google Map as per your way.(Custom styling on Google map)

Define default map point and default zoom level.

Ability to add your text in infowindow for each marker with WYSIWYG Editor.

Multiple Markers on the single map.

Supports any responsive Joomla Templates and all smartphones devices.

Compatible with all the modern browsers.

None of configuration possibilities - kept easy and simple.


Configure default values


You can configure map parameters like Zoom Level, Latitude, Longitude etc. In the created menu, 2nd tab "Options".


Examples of what can it be used for:


You can display all your business locations on a Map.

You can display all your stores or distributors around the world on a Map.

Display a list of Restaurants in your City, State or Country.

Show a list of places your team will play in.

Show a list of Hospitals, Temples, Churches etc in your City, State or Country.

$5.00 each

PS Popup Anywhere

"PS Popup Anywhwere" Module allows you to popup your content anywhere. with timer.

you just in install module, published it, load to any position which is assigned to all menu and add you content.


Features :


  • Display you content anywhere is site.
  • Popup open based on timer which you set in "Modal Option".
  • Put some text at the bottom of the popup.
  • You can style your content as your way.
  • Jquery library attachment setting.


Parameters Settings :

$5.00 each

PS Mobile Template

"PS Mobile Template" Plugin allows you to manage site templates in different devices. Like Tablet and Mobile.

You just install plugin, published it, Configure the template for Tablet and Mobile devices.


Features :


  • Manage different template for Tablet and Mobile devices.
  • Quick and Easy configuation.
  • You can overwrite layout in particular templates.


Parameters Settings :

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